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LaTanya McNair - reviewer on Green Eyes and Good Hair


A former bouncer, bodyguard, and Bronxite, Hugh now lives a relatively calm suburban life. In his younger days he worked in some of New York City’s most renowned clubs as well as working with some of the biggest rock bands in the world. He credits that misspent youth with preparing him well for the writing life.


My novel, Willows launched in December of 2012. I’d written the manuscript about two years previous and promptly abandoned it, leaving it to lie dormant on my hard drive and gather dust, or whatever digital files gather when they’re abandoned. READ MORE

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A Must Read – 5 stars LaTanya McNair: This book captivates readers from page one. Trust me; you will not be able to put it down!!! I’m Still Smiling. – 5 stars M. Hallahan: This was a beautiful story. OMG I’m in Love – 5 stars A. Johnson VP Phenomenal Woman Book Club: I just happened to be looking to read something new….When WOW, this book hit me!!! READ MORE

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