Traditional Publishing: One Reason Not to Choose It

Elizabeth Craig writing @ Mystery Writing is Murder

Back in the day, if you were a published writer all you were expected to do was write. Your publishing company took care of everything else. Not so in this new and “enlightened” time. According to every traditionally published author I know or have read about, if you’re lucky enough to have a traditional publishing deal then writing is only one of the things you have to do if you expect your work to flourish. Still, many authors cite marketing support as one of the main reasons for seeking a traditional publishing deal. In her thought-provoking post author and blogger Elizabeth Spann Craig puts this myth to bed once and for all and gives us her perspective on traditional publishing and marketing.

Why I Decided to Hire a PR Company as an Indie Author

Colleen Oakes writing @ Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

I love the way Ms. Oakes pBest of wk of 10uts it in her post – “Imagine that every single day, wherever you work, you had to petition to save your job. You had to remind your bosses of how great you are, every single day. You had to enlist co-workers to publicly state that you deserve your job. You have to email and tweet and stay totally relevant minute to minute, lest your company fires you, because you face that every afternoon. That’s what it’s like to be an indie-author right now.”

To those of us who don’t enjoy self-promotion (me) and don’t particularly enjoy doing it (me) this is exactly how it feels. To circumvent the self-promotion roller coaster Ms. Oakes did what we all probably wish we could do, hire a PR firm. Read about why she did it in her excellent post.


12 Most Smart Ways To Write SEO Friendly Content For Your Blog

Syed Balkhi writing @ 12 Most

When my writing partner and I decided to build our own websites we came upon the term SEO. What did Synthetic Engine Oil have to do with building websites I thought? Fortunately I have a writing partner who is smarter than I am or I would have wasted a lot of time trying to find the Castrol Word Press plugin. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is key for getting high rankings in search results. If people can’t find you then how are they going to read your amazing site. In this post SEO maven Syed Balkhi gives you 12 tips on creating SEO friendly content.


Creative Flow: How to Silence Negative Voices and Write

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Creative Flow: How to Silence Negative Voices and Write

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Creative Flow: How to Silence Negative Voices and Write

Josh Irby writing @ Positive Writer

One of my favorite podcasts is Barnes & Noble, Meet the Writers. It’s been cancelled for a few years but I still listen to them often for inspiration. The host, Steve Bertrand, interviewed hundreds of well known writers, picking their brains about everything from process to where they get their ideas. What struck me was that in almost every instance that the writers were asked if they thought their work was good, or the next book would be easier, they answered no. In many cases, an emphatic no. We are truly our own harshest critics. Almost every time I put words down on paper the voices in my head try to convince me that each and every letter is crap and I shouldn’t waste my time. It’s a struggle to silence them sometimes. In his post Josh Irby shares some of his techniques for putting a gag on the negative voices that try to cramp your writing style.

10 Rules for Writing First Drafts [Poster]

Demian Farnworth writing @ Copyblogger

 Everyone has rules for writing. In my writing career I’ve heard them all and I’m sure you have too. Copyblogger’s list is one of the best lists of rules ever and it’s in a handy printable poster. It’s hanging on the wall in my writing area as we speak. Print the poster here.


Creative Flow: How to Silence Negative Voices and Write

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