Tony is young good-looking and successful, the ultimate ladies’ man. Everything about him, from his clothes to his apartment, to his confident playboy swagger is designed to be a trap for the women who catch his eye. Tony has no immediate plans except to advance his career and continue with his playboy ways. Then one day he meets Olivia, a beautiful plus-size executive, and he sees a way he can do both…

Olivia is new in town, but certainly not new to the ways of the player. She knows that no man can treat her the way she deserves so she doesn’t even try to find one. As far as she’s concerned, life is just fine without the complications of a relationship. When she meets Tony, she sees him for exactly what he is, a playboy looking for a good time. She’s wise to his playboy ways but still, she wouldn’t mind spending a little time with him with no strings attached…

Tony and Olivia get together, each with their own agenda. Then, against all odds, something happens that changes them both…

“Well written..This is a passionate story that intrigues the reader from beginning to end. A page turner that will leave you wanting more!!! Great read. You will not be disappointed!”

Amazon Reviewer



Olivia stood in the shadows of her bedroom watching from her window as Tony left. His swagger was gone, replaced by the shell-shocked slumped-shouldered demeanor of a defeated man. He looked up at her window and she found herself lifting her arm to motion to him to come back up, but she stopped herself. She’d kept her promise to her father and gave him a chance and to her surprise he hadn’t turned out to be the self-absorbed playboy she’s supposed he would be. By the time they’d arrived at her apartment she knew she wanted him and had to have him but she’d never thought they would have that kind of connection. Then, that kiss…

Tony arrived home, dropped his briefcase at the door and undressed, leaving his clothes where they lay. The readout on his answering machine blinked insistently. 6 – 6 – 6 – 6. Probably six messages from six women that suddenly he had no interest in. He deleted the messages without listening, then lay on his bed in the dark and relived the evening in his mind. He inhaled the aroma of her lotion still on his skin and the drifting feeling overtook him again so he lay in bed, perfectly still, trying not to float away.

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What People Are Saying About Green Eyes & Good Hair

"Loved it!!"

“I really enjoyed this book. I loved that Olivia is a full figured woman but there was not the pity party or self loathing you see a lot if times when people write about full figured ladies. She was a confident woman and owned her sexuality. Looking forward to reading more!!.” Vicki Taylor – Amazon Reviewer

"Good story...awesome writing!"

“I must say the preview of the story was so good and well-written that I decided to purchase the book. The author wrote a very GOOD story and it was VERY well-written. The characters were strong and had a personality of their own that made you understand exactly who they were, and why they did what they did. Keep up the great work!” Avid Reader – Amazon Reviewer

"Green Eyes and Good Hair"

“I’m looking forward to the next book! This was a fun, exciting book. Got through the first 3 chapters and realized I had just spent an hour and I couldn’t put it down. So much fun!! Waiting for more!!! Keep ’em coming Hugh!.” Barbara – Amazon Reviewer

"A sweet tale of two love-shy people finding each other"

“This is not the kind of story I usually go for. But only pages into the story, Mr. Smith had me hooked! A romantic, coming-of-age story with just the right amount of suspense, I had to find out what happened next. Mr. Smith’s writing is a pleasure to read and he keeps things moving at a nice pace. The characters are well developed and you find yourself rooting for them all the way. I look forward to reading more of his work”. –Dennis E. Yates, writer.

Coming in 2016 from Hugh O. Smith


Writer Shaun Harmon should be the happiest man alive. His novels are best-sellers, Hollywood just made one of his books a hit movie, and he and his daughter recently left the Bronx and moved into a huge home in the New Jersey suburb of Willows. But, all Shaun’s success comes at a price. His wife dies just as he achieves his dreams, the words that used to come so easily to him won’t come anymore and the affluent new town he’s moved to is not quite what is seems. Soon, Shaun finds that the town harbors dark secrets, secrets that it would do anything to hide. Even kill.

Pleasure Party

A group of women come together for a fun and harmless Pleasure Party that turns into a hostage situation when one of the partygoers snaps. The ordeal tests each woman as long buried secrets and lies come to light as they each endure the struggle to survive the terrifying ordeal.

Cul De Sac

Nick Kowalski’s wife Brooke is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Her behavior is increasingly erratic and Nick knows it’s only a matter of time before her addiction take her to the point of no return. Anna has worked hard and sacrificed to get where she is. Her law firm just made her partner and she would be the happiest woman in the world if only her out of work husband, Hector would stop taking out his anger on her. Nick and Anna have been neighbors for over ten years but come together for one passionate night that they both try hard to put behind them. Forgetting that night proves impossible, especially when one of their spouses turns up dead.

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