A man betrayed. A desperate woman in love with the wrong man. A charming devil hiding his depraved desires behind a Pastor’s collar.

Willows is the first book in the series about the small, affluent town of Willows, New Jersey, a place where every neighbor has a secret, and every secret comes at a price. If you enjoy romance, drama and scorching, sensual, scenes guaranteed to leave you hot and bothered, then you will love Hugh O. Smith’s book Willows.

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This is a great book! It held my interest and kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. The characters are true to life and believable. I definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading more…

D. Rose


Marcus  – Marcus is sure of a lot of things. He’s sure that he lives in one of the best towns in the state. He’s sure of his bright future but most of all he’s sure that his fiancé, Tami is the love of his life and that they will be married and grow old happily together. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Tami – Tami loves Marcus, after all she’s known him since they were kids. Their families are close and everyone is thrilled about the impending wedding. Everyone except Tami. Her doubts prompt her to seek counseling with the local Pastor with unforeseen and life changing results.

Pastor Justin Oliver (AKA the Shark) – The Pastor is a man of God or so he seems. His shoes are made in Italy his suits are custom-made and his smile is dangerous. This charming man of God loves to minister to his flock in…unique ways. And now he has his sights set on Tami.

Maria – Tami’s best friend. Maria is consumed by love for a man who is incapable of loving her back. Distraught, she sets out on a course of revenge that can only end in one way…

What People Are Saying About Willows

"Unique perspective of a relationship gone horridly awry."

“I am familiar with this writer’s style and his ability to display and project emotion outward with surgical precision, always reaching the target who is viscerally reacting to the words on the page. With each new revelation in this story, the confusion, despair and often utter devastation are palpable emotions as the reader is dragged along on the journey. The unique perspective of a relationship gone horridly awry by using a male main character and voice, do seem to provide an extra ‘oomph’ to a strongly emotional tale of a family in dissolution.The tale unfolds in a series of flashbacks and remembered conversations and erotic encounters. Marcus is searching for new footing and a new perspective as he dissects the relationship looking for the ever elusive “missed clues”. His process of allowing despair and bitterness to effect memory of each conversation and moment is one that is familiar to any reader who has lost a love, or lost the rose-tinted vision of the dream for a future with the one they love.” Gaele – Amazon Reviewer

"Stunning debut!"

Love, lust, and betrayal explosively collide in a stunning debut novel. Using a first person narrative, the author exquisitely describes Marcus’s sadness, anger, and confusion at the betrayal of his fiancée, Tami. Despondent and downhearted, Marcus’s realistic reactions allow the reader to become fully engaged with this sympathetic character. Effectively using flashbacks and reminiscing, the author shows how misplaced trust and lies can destroy Marcus and Tami’s relationship, which wasn’t based on mutual respect and communication. Lusty and erotic scenes laced throughout the novel add to the raw emotion of the story. At times, the characters’ palpable emotions, spurred by the intense situations, coupled with stunning plot twists, left me staring at my e-reader with a shocked “O” on my face. Lori

"Love, Heartache, Lies, Scandal..."

“Love, Heartache, Lies, Scandal, Low down dirty unspeakable behavior and that’s just to name a taste of what you get from this awesome story line. I felt like I was living through it myself…. I have fallen in love with Marcus! A man who most women dream of having the love of. If you’re looking for a good read this is it! I’m not an avid reader so it definitely takes an intriguing story to catch and keep my attention, let’s just say I was glued to the screen page after page wondering what next and more than I could’ve ever imagined came to light with each click. I read it in a matter of hours.” Ta’Nisha Gray 

"Oh my!"

Mr. Smith you did it again!!! I had so many emotions reading this book, from anger to arousal… Please keep them coming! I’m excitingly awaiting your next! Margarita

Coming in 2016 from Hugh O. Smith


Writer Shaun Harmon should be the happiest man alive. His novels are best-sellers, Hollywood just made one of his books a hit movie, and he and his daughter recently left the Bronx and moved into a huge home in the New Jersey suburb of Willows. But, all Shaun’s success comes at a price. His wife dies just as he achieves his dreams, the words that used to come so easily to him won’t come anymore and the affluent new town he’s moved to is not quite what is seems. Soon, Shaun finds that the town harbors dark secrets, secrets that it would do anything to hide. Even kill.

Pleasure Party

A group of women come together for a fun and harmless Pleasure Party that turns into a hostage situation when one of the partygoers snaps. The ordeal tests each woman as long buried secrets and lies come to light as they each endure the struggle to survive the terrifying ordeal.

Cul De Sac

Nick Kowalski’s wife Brooke is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Her behavior is increasingly erratic and Nick knows it’s only a matter of time before her addiction take her to the point of no return. Anna has worked hard and sacrificed to get where she is. Her law firm just made her partner and she would be the happiest woman in the world if only her out of work husband, Hector would stop taking out his anger on her. Nick and Anna have been neighbors for over ten years but come together for one passionate night that they both try hard to put behind them. Forgetting that night proves impossible, especially when one of their spouses turns up dead.

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