5 Great Writing Posts Last Week

by Hugh O. Smith

Man, there’s a lot of good writing advice out there from a ton of great writers. Honestly, I don’t know how I keep up with them all. Actually, I do. Thanks Evernote!

Evernote love aside, I decide to put my top five most helpful articles of the best week together. So, thanks Writer Unboxed, The Renegade Writer, Make a Living Writing, Jody Hedlund, Alexis Grant and Chuck Wendig for your wisdom this week.

Number 5: Writing is Magic

Site: Writer Unboxed – Writer Unboxed is the brainchild of novelists Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton. The site is chock full of good advice and wisdom for writers. Another great thing about Writer Unboxed is the layout. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of writing sites, look no further than their sidebar. Also on their sidebar is a long list of their contributors twitter handles.
Writer Unboxed contributor Kristan Hoffman guests posts about the writing process in her article Writing is Magic. She, like me, is not a fan of the talk of “muses” or any other fanciful language that makes the writing process sound the writing fairies are involved. Whether you agree with Kristan and I or you believe writing is a pixie-dusted process you’ll enjoy her post.

The Takeaway: “I kind of hate when people talk about muses, “the zone,” or anything else that makes writing sound like magic. As if what we do is so easy, so inexplicable, so wondrous.”

Number 4: Why You Shouldn’t Do What All the Other Writers Are Doing

Site: The Renegade Writer Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell make up the Renegade Writers. Warning, if you can’t take your writing advice with a little humor and a lot of truth then chances are Renegade Writers won’t be for you. In the great post I read this week, they talk about doing things YOUR way and not because some other writer does them like that. As they say, “Do what you need to do to make your writing work, and don’t worry about what others are doing.”
Amen to that.

[pullquote]The Takeaway: “Do what you need to do to make your writing work, and don’t worry about what others are doing. You’re already a real writer!”[/pullquote]

Number 3: 5 Steps to Take Your Freelance Writing Biz to the Next Level

Site: Make a Living Writing

The Takeaway: If you’re ready to make the shift and take your freelance writing to the next level Kristen gives you 5 concrete tips to do so.
If you’re…well…trying to make a living writing then Carol Tice’s excellent site should be daily reading. In this excellent post guest writer Kristen Hicks talk about making a shift in your thinking from a writer-for-hire to freelancing as a viable business, and outlines five concrete steps to making that a reality.

Number 2: Strategic Ways to Give Away Books

Site: JodyHedlund.com Veteran writer Jody Hedlund devotes her site to encouraging and teaching aspiring authors. In my number 4 pick, Strategic Ways to Give Away Books, Jody goes into a subject most (if not all) self-published authors find themselves pondering at some point, should I give my books away. I wrote a post about that recently and Digital Book World has an excellent article by Elle Lothlorien about managing free book giveaways.

Prostitute Your Book: The Art and Science of a Becoming a Successful Free Book Pimp on Amazon.

The Takeaway: If you’re serious about your self-publishing career, one strategy (especially if you’re just starting out) to get your book noticed is to give them away. Jody helps you do that in a smart way.

Number 1: Work Should Go Around Your Life — Not the Other Way Around

Site: AlexisGrant.com

The Takeaway: [Tweet “Too many of us shape our lives around our work, instead of shaping them around what’s important.”]

We need to focus on the REAL priorities in life.
I picked this as the most important post for me because I’m guilty of scheduling everything around my work life. Intellectually, I know work will always be there and I that family is absolutely the most important thing but as Alexis says, “…too many of us find ourselves slaves to the workday, struggling to fit in exercise or relationships or self-improvement wherever we can. Rather than putting our priorities first, we fit them in around work.
Amen Alexis, thank you for the reminder.

And a bonus from the always outspoken, “Terrible  Mind” himself, Chuck Wendig.


Are You A Real Writer? A Handy (And Hasty) Flowchart!

Chuck Wendig - terribleminds.com

Chuck Wendig – terribleminds.com

What were your favorite writing posts? Let me know in the comments area.

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